Colossians 3:23-24 (NKJV) And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.

We as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should do all things from the soul as to the Lord and not to men. If what we are doing can’t be done with enthusiasm unto the Lord, no matter what it is, then we should not be doing it. This golden rule, so to speak, ought to be applied to every form of our Christian service as well as in every aspect of our lives. For when we do, we will know if it is right for us to do something or if it is right for us to go somewhere. The standard for determining whether it is right or wrong is this: “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord.” We need to do things from the soul as unto the Lord. This applies to all things. Our souls should be filled with enthusiasm to do all things as unto the Lord. When we do, we will find that even the most mundane work can be glorifying and dignifying, because we are doing it for the Lord. When we strive to do things to please the Lord, and not men, we will find greater satisfaction in it. Again, this applies to our Christian service and to our secular work. Why take this mind set? Why let this be our motivation? Because, rewards in heaven will be given out for our faithfulness. We will receive rewards in heaven based on whether or not we carried out our duties faithfully as unto the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ sees all that we do, and we are going to answer to Him at the Bema Seat of Christ. We are in Christ, and we belong to Him. And when we stand before Him in heaven, we will have to give an account of our lives to Him. The Lord Jesus is keeping a record of all that we do, and everything done as unto to Him will command His attention. We will receive the reward of the inheritance in heaven for the things that we have done as unto the Lord. We are representing the Lord Jesus Christ here on this earth, and He wants us to be found faithful. That is when people look at us, they should be able to see Christ in us. We should always remember this, that we are representing the Lord and we need to represent Him well. We need to be faithful, that is to do things as unto the Lord, at work, at church, at home, at school, everywhere and in everything. For we serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are going to give an account to Him. Our faithfulness is our testimony for Christ. Remember, my friend, our life story is our greatest testimony.

God Bless and have a great day in God’s Word.