Psalm 74:12-17 (NKJV) 12 For God is my King from of old, Working salvation in the midst of the earth. 13 You divided the sea by Your strength; You broke the heads of the sea serpents in the waters. 14 You broke the heads of Leviathan in pieces, And gave him as food to the people inhabiting the wilderness. 15 You broke open the fountain and the flood; You dried up mighty rivers. 16 The day is Yours, the night also is Yours; You have prepared the light and the sun. 17 You have set all the borders of the earth; You have made summer and winter.

The Psalmist asks these questions in verses 10 and 11: 1. How long will God allow His enemies to make a mockery His name? 2. Will God allow His name to be ridiculed forever? 3. Why is God restraining Himself from putting an end to the destruction? And 4, Why does God sit idle and relaxed with His right comfortably in the folds of His robe? Nevertheless, the Psalmist finds hope and comfort in remembering God’s past display of His mighty power on behalf of His people. The Psalmist recalls how God has been Israel’s King forever. The Psalmist recalls how God has distinguished Himself as Israel’s true King by the fantastic deliverances He worked out for His people. For instance, God divided the Red Sea for the Jews to escape from the Egyptian army. Then when Pharaoh’s soldiers, tried to follow, God caused the waters to return and drown Israel’s enemies. God crushed Pharaoh’s powerful army and He freed His people from Egypt’s tyranny. When His people were thirsty, God broke open springs and brooks in the wilderness. God provided His people with a safe passage through the river Jordan. The people of Israel entered the Promised Land with ease. God guaranteed His people a sure victory. God is in control of the day and of the night. The sun, moon, and stars serve by God’s appointment. God placed the stars in the heavens. And He knows them by name. God sets the time of the tides and tells the oceans they can only come this far. God taught the sun where to stand in the morning. God showed the moon where to hide till evening. God keeps the planets spinning in orbit. God raised the mountain tops from the depths of the sea. God arranged the geography and topography of the earth. Even the seasons are controlled by God. The Psalmist goes on in verses 18 through 21 to remind God that His name is being reproached by His vile and foolish enemies. The plight of His people is desperate. And this is their prayer, they implore God not to abandon His turtledove to the wild beasts of Babylon, or to forget His afflicted children forever. They plead with God to respect the covenant which He made with their father Abraham. They beg God bring back His oppressed people in honor and dignity, and thus give His people a cause to praise His mighty name afresh for answered prayer. In closing, the Psalmist reminds God that ultimately it is His cause that is at stake. And He must defend the honor of His name. And God will in His time. He does not tarry. Christ will return at the appointed time. This is for certain, just as His first coming. My friends, whatever you may be going through right now, remember to be still and know that God is in control. God will defend you. He will provide for you. He will sustain you. And He will lift you up. For you are a child of God, and it is His cause that is stake.

God Bless and have a great day in God’s Word.