1 Chronicles 23:25-27,30 (NKJV) 25 For David said, “The Lord God of Israel has given rest to His people, that they may dwell in Jerusalem forever”; 26 and also to the Levites, “They shall no longer carry the tabernacle, or any of the articles for its service.” 27 For by the last words of David the Levites were numbered from twenty years old and above; 30 to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at evening;

After the completion of the Temple, David instructed that the Levites no longer need carry the tabernacle and its furniture as they had been commanded by Moses. Because the Temple would be a permanent house for God. And now, the Levites have a new ministry for the LORD. We can learn something from this. When God gives us an assignment to do, and when that task is done; God will give us a new assignment. However, sometimes we simply want to keep doing the same task, even when God gives us a new task to do. If we do this for too many old assignments, when God gives us a new task to do. We will find ourselves with too many things to do. And we won’t be able to do a good job in all of them. We need to recognize when our time is done in one assignment, we need to move on to the next task that God assigns us to do. For God does not overwhelm us with too much things to do. We need to learn to only to the things that God wants us to do. A second thing we can learn is this. We are not the only person who can do the work for God. As David organized the Levites into shifts to serve the LORD, so that everyone will have time off to rest. We ought to learn that it is perfectly fine to take time off from our service to the LORD. For God expects it, He knows that you need time to rest. So, don’t worry, God will make a way for the task to carry on. And after you are rested and reenergized both physically and spiritually, you will be able to carry on in the task that God assigned you to do. And one final thing we can learn is this. In the body of Christ there are many members, and God gives each member a task to do. We should be able to work together in the body of Christ to accomplish the task that God gave us to do. We can rely on others within the local church and outside of the local church. We should be able to tap into all resources within the body of Christ to get the Word out, the message of Salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember, we are all working towards the same goal. And that is to get the Word out. My friend, have you been able to get the Word out today?

God Bless and have a great day in God’s Word.