Joel 2:21 (NKJV) Fear not, O land; Be glad and rejoice, For the Lord has done marvelous things!

After the Tribulation period the Lord Jesus Christ will establish His Kingdom here on earth, then the people and the land will be blessed. Today that land is still under a curse. Jerusalem is far from being a land of milk and honey. It needs water to return to its former state of being a Garden of Eden, if you will. Right now, the land from Jerusalem to Jericho is as desolate as the Mojave Desert that stretches from southeastern California to southern Nevada, and to some parts of Utah and Arizona. Notice that in this part of Joel chapter 2, the church is not mentioned. Neither is the church found in the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24:9-14, which describes the Great Tribulation period. Nor is the church found in the Book of Revelation after chapter 4. This is because the church, the body of believers, have been raptured prior to the start of the Tribulation period. There is no longer a church on earth when the Tribulation begins. And when the church, the body of believers, are called up to heaven, the body of believers will be called the bride of Christ.

God Bless and have a great day in God’s Word.