Psalm 68:1-6 (NKJV) Let God arise, Let His enemies be scattered; Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. 2 As smoke is driven away, So drive them away; As wax melts before the fire, So let the wicked perish at the presence of God. 3 But let the righteous be glad; Let them rejoice before God; Yes, let them rejoice exceedingly. 4 Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds, By His name Yah, And rejoice before Him. 5 A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation. 6 God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

Verse 1 is a reference to Numbers 10:35 (NKJV) which reads: “So it was, whenever the ark set out, that Moses said: “Rise up, O Lord! Let Your enemies be scattered, And let those who hate You flee before You.”” Moses followed this ritual each morning when they were on the wilderness march. It was a wonderful way to start the day in triumph and glory. For the sight of the sacred Ark of the Covenant under way symbolized to the people that Elohim was moving into action. It symbolized God’s march on the righteous and on the rebellious. For the righteous it meant deep-seated joy. But for His enemies who rebelled against Him it meant disaster. Because of this, His enemies scattered disorderly in every direction to flee from the judgment of God. But no one can run from God’s wrath. And so, as unresisting as melting wax, the enemies of God stagger to their doom. But for the righteous, when God moves into action, it is a time of vindication and reward, of joy and jubilation. Therefore, the righteous “Sing to God, sing praises to His name.” They glorify God. And God is moving toward that day when all the people of the earth will glorify Him. Each morning when the Ark of the Covenant was being moved the people would sing praises to His name. And His name is YAH, the covenant-keeping Jehovah who is worthy of endless praise. The people rejoiced before Him for He is near to the friendless and the dispossessed. As the God of all grace, He is “father of the fatherless, a defender of widows.” He provides a loving and secure home for the lonely and the falsely accused, He leads them into prosperity with shouts of joy. “But the rebellious dwell” in a desolate wilderness. My friends, “Our God is marching on.”

God Bless and have a great day in God’s Word.